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Dora & Diego Homeschool Spanish

     In this section you will find links to some sample pages and recordings.  This should give you a good understanding of the teaching style that our text is written in.  Formatting is not exactly like the book because many pictures have been removed to make these files easier to use on the website.

Preschool & Kindergarten Samples

     For Preschool and Kindergarten we've basically compiled a list of vocabulary words, repeating each Spanish and English word seven times.  We chose seven times because based upon our research with learned psychologists, if an item is repeated at least seven times it becomes ingrained in one's memory indefinitely.  We then created worksheets to enhance the child's learning in recognizing those same words.  The worksheets also help each child to pull together all of their new found knowledge helping them to go over the same material but in an new way.  This method will keep the ideas fresh in their minds.

Sample Preschool & Kindergarten - The word Fish

Next read through the Table of Contents so you know what is covered in the textbook.

Table of Contents Preschool & Kindergarten


First through Fifth Grade Samples

Level 1 Sample Lesson 5 1st to 5th Grades

Next read through the Table of Contents so you know what is covered in the textbook and online classes.  The sections not listed in the Table of Contents for our Español de Iglesia Para Niños is the sections for learning the books of the Bible and the section for a Spanish prayer.  These two sections can be seen through the sample lessons.

Level 1 Table of Contents 1st through 5th Grades

For a complete sampling of our curriculum, listen to our sample recording which matches our textbook.

Level 1 Recording Sample Lesson 5 1st to 5th Grades

(Can be played with Quick Time Player.  Get your free copy here:









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